Allow recording the number of days that a brew will take and block the brewing system on the schedule/calendar

When creating/scheduling a batch, enter the number of days that the brew will take. At the moment, it’s always assumed to be one day. Thanks @steve-neal for suggesting this.


Just to clarify - this won’t block the actual brewing system from another brew though? Just show on the calendar?
You can also brew multiple times a day, but if you were brewing like this across multiple days it could look something like this -
Day 1 - Turn 1, Beer A & Turn 1, Beer B
Day 2 - Turn 2, Beer A & Turn 2, Beer B
(or any other number of variations)

Yes, that’s right, we’ll make sure it shows on the calendar but doesn’t block it from being used by multiple batches on the same day. The change planned in this thread is just to show it on the batch schedule over more than one day, without touching when it can/cannot be filled/used.

If you add individual vessels to a brewing system and track volume through the vessels, and vessels with “beer” in them will be blocked from use at that time by another batch, but other vessels in the brewing system can be used by another batch at the same time… I hope that makes sense?

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Perfect sense. Thanks for the detailed response as always!

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Can we also brew into two vessels over consecutive days?

Day 1 - Brew Batch A - Turn 1 - into FV01 and FV02 (50/50 volume split)
Day 2 - Brew Batch A - Turn 2 - into FV01 and FV02 (50/50 volume split)

Volume split will never be exactly 50/50. It would depend on the efficiency of the brewhouse that day.

It would be great to also be able to average out SG across the 2x brew days

AvgSG = ((SG1Vol1)+(SG2Vol2))/(Vol1+Vol2)

The above formula would be for 1x Tank over 2x Brew Days


Great news, this has been implemented now :tada:

When planning a batch, you can now enter how many days the brew is over, and the brewing system will show as in use for this time on the batch schedule. We hope this is helpful :smile:

Regarding the average SG comment, this will be done as part of Calculated ABV on merged batches & OG on multi-turn batches :+1:

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