Failed deliveries


I managed to mark a delivery as failed, even though it was delivered, how does this affect duty for this delivery and what is best way of dealing with it? Is it best to just issue another invoice and say it was delivered? we have had the empties back now, and it is a bit disconcerting to see that they are still showing as being in brewery


Hi Paul, thanks for your message! If a delivery has been marked as failed, then the stock items will, as you say, be returned and back on-site at the brewery. When the delivery was Dispatched, it would have entered the dutiable amount for the products sold onto your duty return. Breww will never charge you duty on a product twice, and these containers will now be in stock as ‘Duty paid’. I recommend raising a 0-value invoice for the customer, assigning the products, and completing the delivery. You may want to temporarily remove the Receives invoice emails tag on the customer if you do not wish them to receive an email invoice again. This will mean that the containers will now show as being at the customer. You can then return these to the brewery as empty as usual.