Best practices for an incomplete delivery


Sorry if this is asked elsewhere, and we vaguely remember this being talked about in our intro meetings but couldn’t find it/ remember is.

I am wondering what the best practice would be when delivery goes (partly) wrong:
i.e. Order is made and delivery is marked as left duty and invoiced, but at the delivery adress a box is missing.

The following steps need to happen, but can’t figure out how to best do this in Breww

  • Driver needs to inform sales
  • Missing product needs to put on backorder
  • Stock needs to be corrected

Give me that lowdown :wink:

Hi Gijs,

Thanks for the question. You can use the ‘Mark as failed’ button on the delivery’s page to record that a specific product(s) has failed delivery. This will then add the item back to stock in the brewery/warehouse. If the delivery failed as there was no stock at the brewery, to begin with, you’d then need to correct this with a stock adjustment. This last step can’t be done automatically at the minute, as Breww can’t predict if this item was actually out of stock, or if it was just forgotten.
We could look to add a bit more to this feature if you and others deem it helpful, such as adding options to automatically create another order for any failed items.



What happens if you have completed a delivery but it turns out it was not delivered?

Can I reverse this and change the date so we can deliver that order another time?


Hi Lewis, thanks for raising this in the community! If a delivery has been completed, this status cannot be reversed. The order will need to have the items returned via the Return items button on the delivery page for the order, which will return the stock as duty-paid. A credit note will then need to be raised for the customer for the value of the invoice, as they haven’t actually received the order. After this, a new invoice can be raised, and the credit note applied, meaning the order can be applied to a delivery run.