Editing Deliveries enroute

Is there a way that there can be an amendment feature put into the Breww Deliveries tab on the app so if some reason (ie damage or incorrect order picked) an order needs to be adjusted it can be done on the app? Maybe somewhere where you confirm how many of each item was delivered?

Hi Justin,

Welcome to the Breww Community, and thanks for the suggestion - I agree this would be a great addition to the app.

You can handle this with the “Delivery failed” button using the website version of Breww (even on a mobile device). It will ask you which items failed, so if just one item failed due to being damaged, this can be entered. Currently, this button only exists on the website-based version and not in the “Deliveries” tab on the native mobile app. We’ll get this feature added to the list for native support within the mobile app to save you needing to swap between the two processes.




Am I right in thinking that when deliveries are part failed (say a case is damaged so we can’t deliver it) the invoice is not amended and the beer duty is still paid?

So we need to manually credit the customer for what wasn’t delivered?



Hi Lewis,

On failing a delivery, we won’t amend the invoice as it will have been finalised and invoiced (including being uploaded to your accounting provider if you have the connection with Breww set up). The best way to deal with this scenario is to raise a credit note to the customer against the value of the part failed item and return the damaged item into stock (this is done within the delivery screen of the order).

As Breww doesn’t necessarily know this item is damaged, we return it to stock ready for sale again. We also store the fact that the specific item is duty paid, so that if you resell it you won’t be charged duty twice. If you subsequently spoil the beer by performing a stock adjustment, we’ll claim an automatic duty reclaim on your behalf.