Empty Container Scan Reporting

Hi there,

Would it be possible to make empty container scan data available/reportable? We would like to be able to track the daily/weekly rates of return for each container type/format, but can’t figure out a way to pull this data from Breww.


Yes, and also an option to show the associated customer where the containers were picked up.

I need that report to produce credit notes for keg deposits - i had a chat with Joe about this in a ticket

We’ve just launched a new “Containers returned by date” report in ReportingPre-built deliveries reports, which I think will have all of this raw data for you!

We’ll keep this thread open, too, as I think a Rate of return report by container type (and maybe customer as well), would be a great addition to pre-built reports, but I wanted to mention the above report in the meantime.

Hi Max,

This is perfect! Thanks very much for adding so quickly, we’ll start making good use of it immediately.


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