Returnable container reporting

Having looked at the various suggested ways of organising “container tracking” and uplifts, i find i am missing a valuable option.

Could we please, just have an option to export a list of returnable/tracked containers that are delivered into trade…
a) ideally if we can say “before x date” (not essential if we can export cos we can all use excel.
b) Possibly add some filters - fulfilment site?

Would be really useful for me so i can target some of the slower moving or customers we don’t visit often rather than doing the individual uplifts…

Having an exported list would really help me and it would also give me the chance to see how much headway we make into reducing the list each month.


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I am looking for the same thing, or something similar.

The “containers in trade” section of BREWW is nice because it can show you the oldest to the newest kegs in circulation.
I want to be able to export that into a printable report my salesmen can have with them to visit underperforming accounts or recover kegs in circulation that have been on sites longer than the desired time.