Containers sold report

I’ve been asked by breww to post this as a feature request. We desperately need a report with the following filters/inputs

Report of volume amount and revenue sold by all container types
Filter by beer or all beers
With date filters

Anybody else find this useful


Yes we would! I did mention on another thread the ability to report by all cask containers at once (ie pins firkin and kilderkins in one report).
This sounds good, the more filter options the better!

Hi Tim
Just thought I’d let you know Max has been a star and sorted the report out this morning. Its at ‘Total sales by container type’ report, under the Pre-built Sales reports.


Hi all,

Yes, we’ve managed to get this report in for you now - we hope it helps!

It will also calculate what proportion of any mixed-packs that a particular container type contributes in volume and attribute the sale value of it by that proportion. So, for example, a mixed-pack product consisting of 1 x 330ml Can and 1 x 440ml Can, sold at £1, would attribute £0.4286 ((0.33L / 0.77L total) x £1) to the 330ml Can sales and £0.5714 to the 440ml Can sales.

It will also give you the total quantity sold, the total volume sold, and the average sale price of that container type - as they seemed useful extra columns to include!

It’s not yet possible to filter on the beer, but we can certainly look to add that functionality to it.