Missing fields in containers report


For required keg pool reporting I am looking quite urgently for two additional fields in the BrewwQL fields on the custom containers report

  • Delivery date for customers (to see how long they are gone)
  • Current Brewery Location (to monitor on site stock)

Is it possible to include these as fields?

Delivery date isn’t very easy to add to the Containers custom report due to how it’s structured behind the scenes. Does the ‘Containers in trade’ report have what you need? You can find it at Containers > View containers > View in trade.

Thanks for the quick reply -

that one isn’t exportable however. The dates are found in the Containers delivered report, but there I am missing other fields in that report (and can’t customise)

Is it maybe possible to add
Current Customer → Type → Type
Current Customer → Address Post Code
To that report?

Ah yes, it would be a simple and useful addition to add these fields to the Containers delivered report. We’ve done that for you now.

I hope this helps!

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