Edit batch volume

Hi Team,

Wondering how exactly I can edit my batch volume.

When I edit a batch, there is no way to edit the volume.

My flow is:

Production > View > Batches > Select PALE ALE > Actions > Edit Batch > Edit Batch Details

This takes me to a place where I can change the recipe, names, tank allocation and even expected ABV, but nowhere to change the volume I would like to produce.

So for instance, let’s say last minute we are changing from half a batch to a full batch. Where and how can I change the volume to produce?

Hi Evan,

If this is a new batch, I’d recommend undoing it, so it goes back to being in the ‘Planned’ state. For planned batches, you can changed the planned volume by going to the batch’s page and clicking the Edit button. Please see this article for how to undo actions on a batch and return it to a planned state.

If you can’t undo the actions to return it to a planned state, you’ll need to go to the batch and click Actions > Add liquid/volume. If you enter a negative number in the volume to add to the batch, you can reduce the volume.

I hope this solves it for you.