Change volume of batch once started

Is it possible to change the volume of a batch once started?

Yes, this can be done in a couple of ways.

To increase the volume
When on the batch screen, from the “Actions” menu at the top, choose the “Add liquid/volume” option. You’ll then be able to choose which vessel and how many litres to increase the volume by. You can also select stock item(s) to use in the process (for example, if you added volume by way of a liquid flavouring, and you wanted your ingredient stock level updated at the same time).

To reduce the volume

  • Whenever you do an action (such as a transfer), you can enter a “loss” volume. This will be recorded in your actions log and also reduce the volume left in the batch.
  • You can also use the above process for adding volume, but with a negative quantity to reduce the volume in a vessel, if this was to happen not as part of another action, or it was not entered at the time.

I hope this helps :grinning:

On the screenshot attached here, is it possible to change the Planned 2,800L?

Thanks again

Thanks Lewis,

It’s not possible (at the moment) to change the planned volume of a batch once it’s been started, however once the batch has been started the real volume is what’s used in most places. Can I ask why you need to change the planned volume of an in-progress batch (there might be another way to achieve what you need)?

I’ve just started our first batch and came across this same issue. The recipe is based on a 2500L target volume. The brewer created a new batch based on that recipe but accidentally entered 2400L as the planned volume.

As a consequence, all the ingredient amounts have been proportionally lowered for the batch compared to the recipe and need to be manually adjusted one by one.

There really should be a way to change the planned volume after the batch has been started in case a mistake was made. Also, it would be good if there was an option when creating a batch to copy the recipe volume.

Hi Cornel,

I’ll note your request to be able to change the planned volume.

Since the last post on this thread, you can now undo actions on a batch. You can undo the starting of a batch, if you do this you’ll be able to change the planned volume. Be aware that by doing this, you’ll lose any data entries on that batch, such as brew sheet entries, so be careful in this regard.
To undo an action, go to the ‘Actions’ tab at the bottom of a batch, then click the undo arrow on the action you want to undo.