Do Sample orders for leads count towards my Duty Return?


If I put in a sample order for my new lead, does it go towards my duty return? I thought there was dispensation for business development samples?

Hi Stuart,
Welcome to the Breww Community!
Yes, currently free sample orders within the Leads section of Breww will add duty to your return. We’re not in a position to give advice on the matter, but it is our understanding (from the UK’s perspective) that this sort of sample is duty-payable. If you read point 9.29 of the beer duty publication below, it states that unless the sample is for production testing and quality control purposes, duty is payable.

It is ultimately up to you to decide what is or isn’t duty payable. For beer that’s not duty payable, you can remove it from stock by doing a stock adjustment on the product, then recording the reason there.

Do let me know your thoughts if you disagree with any of this.