Sample Order for customers

Are sample orders only possible for leads?
We have a new core beer and I want to create a sample order for an existing customer, but I can’t find an option for that.

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Thanks for the suggestion, Kevin. You’re right, this was only showing for leads.

We’ve discussed this as a team and there isn’t really a good reason to limit this to leads only, so we’ve pushed a quick update now to allow this option to be used on customers as well as leads.

You should be able to find it now at the top-right of the main page for any given customer :+1:

Thanks for the suggestion and for helping make Breww even better!


Can someone show us where samples are in leads - can only see it in customers

Sure. When you’re on the leads dashboard, click the ‘View details’ button on a lead and then you’ll see the green button in the bottom right to create a sample order.
To view a lead’s sample orders, go to the lead’s page and click the ‘Sample orders’ tab.
I hope this answers your question.

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