Sales Samples allocation/admin


I want to start to internally allocate some stock for use as samples.
I am trying to figure out the best way to do this.

What I want is:

  • Samples need to be registered for Duty
  • I want to register the cost of the samples in my accountancy program in a way that I can internally move these from the ingredients accounts to sales cost accounts.
  • The deposits of these samples need to be registered properly as well.

Currently I am making invoices of all our own cost based on a 100% discount and samples are taken from our webshop/pub stock - so that duty/deposits will be paif but this is obviously not ideal.

Not sure if something is already possible or these needs a whole feature request. curious about both breww-team and users thoughts on this

Hi Gijs, thanks for your comment! We are looking into your query and the best method of handling this in Breww; we will be in touch soon with an update! Cheers.

Hi Gijs, apologies for my delayed response! It sounds like what you are currently doing should work well for this. However, we do have an in-built Free sample order feature that you can use rather than raising orders at zero value to customers. Free sample orders initially didn’t account for container deposits, but we have updated this so that they are. The deposit amount usually charged to the customer will be discounted to zero so that the sample order remains free, but the charge will still appear on your reports for how much you owe. You can raise a free sample order by heading to the customer and selecting New > New free sample order. This will account for the duty incurred and the container deposit. Sample costs will need to be accounted for manually in your accountancy software; however, a report in Breww may help you with the figure you need for this, which you can find by going to Reporting → Pre-built sales reports → Margin by invoice. There will be a dropdown for Invoice sources, where you can select Sample. This will then show the costs associated with the samples you have raised that you can enter into your accountancy software. Cheers!

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