Customer overpayments logged in Xero; how to deal with them in Breww

Dear Fellow Users

We are integrated with Xero. We invoice customers via Breww, Breww sends the invoice into Xero, we reconcile the payment in against the invoice in Xero and the invoice in Breww gets marked as paid.

There are occasions when our customers pay us too much. We tend to hold this overpayment on account and log it in Xero as an overpayment which we would allocate to the next invoice we raise for them. HOWEVER, we have no way of reflecting this overpayment in Breww so it can be allocated to an invoice and the team that raises the invoices in Breww do not have access to Xero.

Anyone have the same scenario? If so, how do you deal with it?!

Breww’s suggestion is to enter all payments directly into Breww instead of Xero, as Breww can then automatically tell Xero about them but I dont want to go down this route. I will of course raise a feature request but just wondering how to deal with it in the meantime

Any insights most appreciated!