Customer last visited tab


Our sales team feels like it would be good to have a tab within each customer to add a ‘last visited date’. This would therefore hopefully enable us to filter out customers who we have not visited recently on our customer lists.
It would also be good to allow us to have a function to be able to map out visits for our sales reps.


Hi Kieran,

Thanks for the suggestion. You should be able to achieve this with a custom field.

You can create the custom field in Customers > Settings & tools > Custom fields:

Then you can fill this in when creating a customer or edit the customer to change the value

Finally, you can filter your customer list (and use it in reports) using BrewwQL.

The field will also be available in Breww’s Raw Data Explorer so you can view and export the values there if needed. Does this cover what you’re looking for?

Hi Luke
Thats great that you can add a field like that however its a bind having to go into edit to make a change. Is it possible to set the field so that it can just be ammened without having to go through a full edit

Hi John,

This isn’t possible currently, I’m afraid. We’re planning to improve the customer edit process to allow quickly updating individual bits of data without needing the full customer edit form. This should be able to form part of that project. Thanks.