Add the last order date to Customer Lists

We are in the process of creating customer lists. It would be very useful to display the “Last order” date in the customer list. It would require it’s own column so we could also sort by last orders (High>Low or Low>High) etc.


Thanks for the suggestion, Mark, and welcome to the Breww community.

This is a great suggestion, and I’m delighted to say that we’ve been able to implement this for you already :tada:

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Thanks for the great suggestion, Mark, and welcome to the Breww community.

Fortunately this was a simple tweak from our side, so we’ve been able to do this for you already :tada: I hope this is useful for you :smile:

Thanks Luke.

If it’s possible - I’d like to add this column (last order) to the task list as well? We are using the task list as our main source of workflow in the daytime (or at least that’s the plan to) and last order is just a few piece of info.

We’ve been able to add to the tasks list the last order date (it’s shown as a relative date, such as “2 months ago”, as this is probably easier to understand at a glance).

It’s not its own column here, as not all tasks relate to a customer and so handling this would be a bigger job than something we can quickly drop in for you today, but I hope this is still useful :+1:

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This is still greatly useful. The ability to sort the task list would be great for a future update but seeing the last order helps prioritise and spot problems quickly. Thanks again

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