Sort Order - Newest at the top so visable

Is there a way to have all the records on the Customer “Orders, Credit notes and payments” tab showing the newest at the top (so sort descending not ascending) BY DEFAULT.
I know the feature is there to change it but it seems to always revert back for us so every time we’re re-sorting or having to show more records just to check upto date CRM info. It would be great to see on the first screen at quick glance at the top of the list their latest run of orders/drafts to be added to etc.
Just a small thing but needed countless times a day.

Hi Claire,

Thanks for your question! Our dev team would need to look at this for you as it is not currently possible. I have moved it to a feature request, so they can review it, but I am sure it is something we can look at for you.

Thanks for the great suggestion, Claire.

This is clearly an improvement and a quick-win. I’m delighted to say that this has been implemented for you now and will be live later today :tada:

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Incredible speedy work guys, Thank you. I hope everyone benefits.

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