Create a task on Ecommerce Integration order import issues

It would be useful if Brewws behaviour was actually as (erroneously) suggested.
For instance, on the Sellar Product mapping screen:
“If you have products listed here that we’ve retrieved from Sellar that you know you will not sell, then you don’t need to map them to Breww. If they do un-expectedly sell, then we’ll hold off importing the order for you until they have been mapped (and create you a task to let you know ).”

Rationale: We have lines being created on Sellar without anyone getting around to the mapping of these lines to Breww products. Obv, this is an organisational issue, rather than a problem with Breww, but I believe it would be useful if someone (configurable) would get a task in this case. Either to remind them that an order needs manually importing (boo!) or better, that the integration needs attention.

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Thanks for the suggestion, Jon.

Firstly, we’ve corrected that message from and create you a task to let you know to and alert you via a ‘sync message’. Thanks for bringing this to our attention, it was a slip of the tongue!

We are already raising these sync messages, which are strictly different to tasks, but should still do the job of alerting you to something. They look like this in the main menu:

Screenshot 2023-12-14 at 15.50.02

The reason there is the 4 (in this case there are four sync messages) is to alert you to the fact that there are sync messages that need resolving. We recommend keeping on top of sync messages as, in some cases, leaving them for a while will cause you problems. Additionally, if there are some that you’re “happily ignoring”, these might “hide” the fact that others have appeared (it’s much less obvious that a 4 changes to a 5, than the orange circle appears).

I must admit, that I’m not sure there is much benefit to making these tasks rather than the “Sync messages” that already exist, but welcome your opinion on this. At the moment, these should be alerting everyone who has access to this section that there is a problem that needs your attention. If they’re kept on top of, they should be effective at alerting people when the orange badge appears.

Like I say, it’s primarily an organisational issue. :roll_eyes: The issue is really that no one person owns these issues, which tasking would help make clear.

As it is, I suspect I’m starting to make myself unpopular by nagging folks about them.

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