Connecting Cleaning/Maintenance with a batch


it would be useful if you could connect a cleaning process with a specific batch so the raw materials used for the cleaning procedure get allocated to that very batch so the costings get more accurate.

Let’s say I have batch 1 and run a brewhouse CIP and use 2L of caustic then these 2L would be allocated to the actual cleaning process but not to the batch. Now there is a way around it by just adding 2L of caustic to the actual brewing process within the brewing regime but it gets complicated when you multi batch brew as with a triple brew you would not use 6L but still only 2L as the brewhouse CIP is carried out at the end of the production day. You could also not put in 2/3L as then when you single brew, Breww would pull not enough caustic for that single batch (2/3L instead of 2L)

I hope that makes sense.

Kind regards

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Thanks for the suggestion, Matthias. We can certainly look at linking C&M records to batches, this would be a great improvement.

In the meantime, you can add stock items to a batch without them being on the recipe at all, which would mean you could track the cost (and stock level) without Breww suggesting the wrong amount on double/triple brews. In the “Ingredients” tab on the main batch screen, there is an “Add other” button.

Alternatively, you could use the caustic on the C&M record and put the cost on the batch via “Utility/other costs”, but again this is just a workaround until we’ve implemented the feature that you’ve suggested.

Thanks :+1: