Bill of Materials ("Recipe" within a raw material)


Can you create a feature so I can attribute certain raw materials to a stock item which I then can add to a batch?

I pour a cupric sulphate agar plate (this is the stock item) which I use for microbiological testing of a batch.
Within this stock item there is a bill of materials:

  • 1x petri dish
  • x.x g copper sulphate
  • x.x g malt agar
  • 1x sterile swab

Then when I add a cupric sulphate plate to my batch just as I would with hops, then all these raw materials listed above would get pulled from stock automatically. This will make it easier to keep an overview, otherwise I have a huge list of raw materials that are not really of interest but necessary to get accurate costings for example.

Kind regards

Thanks for the great suggestion, Matthias

Would you ever pre-prepare a larger quantity of cupric sulphate agar, which you’d like to keep “in stock” for use over multiple batches of beer, or would this always just be made when required?

Hi Max,

I would make more media plates (for 1-2 week) and then use them throughout different batches

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