Brew schedule custom inputs


I appreciate this is just something to save me having to just be a bit organised but -

Is there any way to put a custom marker in the brewing schedule. Currently, it’s great to be able to put in brews and packaging dates, then I export this over to an external calendar manually just to keep track of things.

As it’s just me here, I’d like for instance to be able to mark a date as a ‘Busy’ day, for when I’m out doing local deliveries for example. That way when I schedule brews in advance I can see the potential clashes.

I realise this is avoided with some future planning my end, but I hate to admit the times I think I have the next two weeks of packaging dates sorted, to then realise I’ve set aside a day I’m actually not in the brewery.



Hi Rob,

We think this is a really good idea & will no doubt make planning your time much more easy. I’ll add this to our feature list with a vote against it on your behalf and share progress with you once we have it!



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