Adding custom fields in 'Daily Batch Readings Required'


Could you add the ability for us to add our own custom field in the ‘Daily Batch Readings Required’ please.

Thank you

Thanks for the suggestion, Rob. Could you give us an example of the kind of thing you’d be using the custom field for so we can work out how best to implement this for you? Cheers.

Hi Luke, thanks for the response. We were looking at using the daily batch readings more as a complete checklist for what needed to be done to the beer at a particular time between ferment and packaging rather than just fermentation. For example ‘Dumping the yeast’ would be one custom field we would like to add.


Thanks Rob, I understand what you’re looking for here. To be completely honest, I don’t think custom fields with the daily batch readings is the right solution, however. I think this would better be covered by batch schedule events:

If these batch schedule events could be “ticked off” when done this would probably work well for you and would allow us to also show those outstanding in a list much as we do with the daily batch readings.

If you’d agree with this, could you give that other feature request a vote too, to push it up the priority list?