Adding 'tasks' to batch schedule


This may already be a feature, I just haven’t found where to do it if so.

I’d like to use the batch schedule more to keep track of whats in tanks and such all from one place. Is there a way to add tasks to a vessel such as, after day 4 in FV1, its planed to be Dry hopped, or sealed to spund etc.

Just so when looking at the calendar view I can easily spot, oh that’s dry hopped tomorrow and such.

Also is there anyway to add non-brewing tasks? As many of us I’m sure do to, I’m also drayman and admin so if I could put in a delivery day, I’d know not to schedule a packaging for that day (when trying to plan in advance)



Thanks for the question, Rob.

What you’re asking for isn’t possible just yet, but it would make a great feature!

We have an open feature request already, which I think covers what you’re looking for at Additional stages in brew schedule, such as dry-hopping & centrifuging (batch schedule events). If that looks like what you need, can you please give that thread a vote, as this will help to push it up the priority list.

For more information on how we handle feature requests, voting and prioritisation, please see 💡 Posting ideas & feature requests for Breww 💙. Thank you.