Best before from packaging

I cant find where I can set the default number of weeks for “Best before from packaging”. Each time I create a new beer it populated these with the wrong values.

There’s not a way to set your own defaults for these currently. Each time you create a new beer, these fields should default to your most commonly used values currently (AKA the “mode average”). If, for example, you have more beers with a 10 week cask expiry than any other number of weeks, this will be the default value.

When making your first beer, Breww defaults to:

  • 12 weeks for cask
  • 26 weeks for keg
  • 52 weeks for smallpack

Hi Luke,

How can I change these figures so they auto fill in the correct best before please? These standard settings aren’t working as our kegs and cask are under small pack.


Hi Alex,

There’s no way to set your own defaults for these currently, but we could look at adding settings for this in the future.

Is there a good reason why your kegs and casks are down as small pack? Maybe the “fix” is to change these to actual kegs/casks?

Sorry I saw this & it got me thinking - so when you create the new beers, you have the mandatory ‘Best Before from Packaging (in weeks)’ fields to fill in - you are saying that this is auto-populated with the mode average. I’m working under the impression that when this Beer is then ‘saved’ this is then locked in at X weeks, and does not change, or does this change as per the mode average?

Forgive me if I’m misunderstanding the problem above, but wouldn’t just editing the settings under the Beer resolve this issue? I know it doesn’t correct every beer at once, but would prevent having to manually change every racking BBE.

Thanks Steve, yes you’re right the average is just the default that’s pre-populated at the time you create the beer, once the beer is created, we’ll use what you typed (or left untouched) into the boxes. If your average changes, this won’t change any already-created beers, and yes, you could edit the values in the future if you needed and this would take effect on rackings after this point.

You might be right, I may have misunderstood the question! @alex-hamilton-jones, have you set the right expiry date values on the beer? If not, you should just be able to edit these on the beer. Breww’s defaults are just for when creating a new beer altogether.


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to be able to set the defaults would be very handy for me as well

Ok, thanks for letting us know @john-newman. I’ve raised this as a feature request, so if you can give the feature request a vote, that will help push it up the priority list. Please see Define default expiry dates (in number of weeks) that will be used when creating new beers.


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