Input BBE (best before/expiry date) at confirm racking stage

We often have to change the bbe for rackings on a case by case basis.

At the point of racking it would be great if we could specify the best before of this stock, so that at the next stage when it allows us to print the labels we have the required bbe and we don’t then have to go into the finished stock, update it there, and then print.



This would be helpful, particularly when we have small pack labels with pre-printed dates on them

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We also have multiple small pack with varying BBE, so this would be very handy to be able to input manually at the end of racking.


Is there any update whether this will be introduced? It seems like a very simple option to allow manual input of BBE at the racking stage.

I’m sure this will be introduced as it’s a great suggestion. Unfortunately, I don’t have a timescale available yet, but we’ll make sure to update you on this thread when we have an update :+1: