Automated Price List Emails

Hi Team,

It would be great if price list emails could be scheduled an delivered on a repeating basis. Specifically, we would like to use this to make customers aware of changing stock levels as well as prices (so the ability to show only stock from certain sites in price lists would also be appreciated!).

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Thanks for the great suggestion, Nick. Please don’t forget to vote for it, as every vote counts :+1: For more on how we handle feature requests, please see 💡 Posting ideas & feature requests for Breww 💙.

I see you’ve voted for Remove specific sites from price lists (or only show some site(s) stock) already, but for anyone else looking at this, that other feature request is relevant there.

Additionally, the Breww Trade Store might be worth a look as your customers can get live pricing and availability (as well as place orders). It also understands which sites customers can have orders fulfilled from, and so shows the correct stock availability.