Allow taking signatures on mobile app without marking delivery complete

We would like to be able to take a signature and a POD photo’s for a delivery even if the stock has not been allocated. The reason for this is sometimes the unit does not scan and we have to come back to the office to allocate the correct cask/keg number. But this puts us at risk of not getting paid due to an incomplete POD. Can we have the facility to complete the delivery with signature and POD photo. Then allocate any missing SKU later?

We also think there is an issue on some POD systems on phones.

Thanks for the suggestion. The entire traceability process in Breww is built around the specific containers being allocated before the delivery is completed, so completing a delivery without this would be a very big change, and in all honestly not likely to happen any time soon.

If the problem with scanning is due to the barcode not reading, you can type in the cask/keg number manually to assign it on the app. When the scanner is open, there should be an “Enter manually” button at the bottom. Does this solve the issue?

If not, we could probably allow a signature/POD photo prior to cask/keg assignment, but the delivery wouldn’t be able to be marked as complete without huge changes.

We’re not aware of any issues and would need more information than this to look into something, to be honest. If you’ve any deliveries with a problem, can you open a support ticket with as much detail as possible so we can look into this for you?