Assign kegs in cache, complete deliveries offline

Hi all, we assign kegs while out delivering.

One issue we find is when there is a lack of internet, the delivery person is unable to assign a keg. Could you add a feature that allows them to scan kegs in regardless and then attempt to assign the order when the internet connection returns? I understand there are potential risks around the wrong kegs being scanned but I think this would work better than the present situation where we ask drivers to take pictures of the barcodes and make a manual adjustment afterwards - which is more likely to end with a mistake.

If there are any issues when the internet connection returns and the system attempts to complete the order, an alert could be sent to the office to investigate. Although the live list of kegs in stock won’t be available when offline scanning is being undertaken, an error code could still be given if too few or too many kegs are scanned at the time of delivery so the only real issue would be if the wrong product type is scanned or the container being scanned wasn’t entered into the system when packaging.

In an ideal world we would prep all of the stock prior to deliveries being made but the staff hours put into assigning and labelling kegs outweighs the benefits at this stage.


Thanks for the suggestion, Omar. This is a great idea and something that we’re keen to add, although as you’ve eluded to, it’s very complex when it comes to conflict resolution.

We’ve already got a thread open for this, at Deliveries mobile app to work when not in signal - container scanning, POD pictures, signatures, completing deliveries - could you please vote for that one instead? Cheers :+1: