Adding Stock Manually

I am trying to add stock manually to Breww and can’t find how to do this, was hoping someone could help.

Hi Dan,

Welcome to the Breww Community!

Inital stock you have can be added via a CSV Import in Settings > Data Imports & Updates > Initial Packaged Beer Stock. You can download the template file to ensure your data is in the correct format for uploading.

After you’ve uploaded your initial stock, product stock is then populated by racking into your Products via the Racking function in Production (Production > Actions > Racking by Vessel). If you then need to make any manual adjustments to a product’s stock figures, this can be done by navigating into the product itself and selecting Actions > Stock Adjustment. This is best left for when you may need to make an ad-hoc adjustment to stock levels and not for populating any new stock from racking.

Hope that helps!