Adding delivery addresses to Credit Notes


I’ve had a look under invoice settings to try and make amendments to our credit notes but haven’t been able to find the option to do this anywhere. The issue we’re having is that the only address that populates on the credit note is the billing address. This is fine in a lot of cases but is less helpful for larger pub groups where there is a central billing address but various customer sites. Without the delivery address on the credit note it can be hard for recipients to reconcile against the correct customers. We’d ideally like them to work the same as invoices; where you have the billing address on the left and the delivery address on the right so that you can tell straight away who the credit note is for. Is this possible please?

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Thanks for the great suggestion, Janine.

I’m delighted to say that, in record time, we’ve been able to add this option for you :tada:

If you create a credit note (from now on) where the customer has a different delivery address than the billing address (which may come from a group), this delivery address will be shown on the credit note PDF.

We hope this makes Breww even better for you, and thank you for helping us to make Breww even better for everyone :pray:

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