Addition to have a separate footer text (like the one you get on invoices) for delivery notes?

As an organic brewery we are required to have statements about our status. Could we add a footer to delivery notes en masse? At the moment you need to add notes to individual customers which is very time consuming.

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You can edit things like this on the template customization option, we’ve done this for various bits & pieces we’ve needed - just be careful as you need some coding knowledge not to mess your templates up.

Pretty sure the breww team provide this as a service.

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Thanks for the great suggestion. Steve is right that you could do this with a custom template, but luckily this is a simple tweak on our side as invoices already have this field. We’ve added this today for you, so you should be able to set this now in SettingsDelivery settingsDelivery label/document settings.

We hope this is useful :smile:

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