Print delivery notes instead of invoices (for set customers) when bulk printing invoices

Hi Luke,

A slight follow on from this. We have customers where we need to ensure they don’t get commercial information. Is there a way to mark so that for certain customer deliveries it only prints a delivery note when bulk printing a days invoices etc…?


Thanks for the suggestion, Andy. This isn’t possible at the moment, but I can see how this would be useful, so I’ve moved this to the feature requests area.

To implement this, I’m thinking we could add an option on a customer to set that they receive the delivery note when bulk printing invoices from a delivery run/date. When printing, the button would still say “Print invoices”, and would likely mostly print invoices, but may print some delivery notes. I fear this UI could be slightly confusing at first, but it’s probably good on balance. If you’ve any other suggestions of an alternative way to implement this, please do say.