Add amount/value & estimated close date for Leads / Prospects with reporting

No where to document how much order quantity or sales revenue a sales lead / prospect may be interested in, or WHEN the possible close date would be.

Add a “Projected” quantity & Sales Amount & “Projected” close date for Sales Reps to enter on the lead. Would be great to have that information available on the “All Leads” page, so the Production & Finance teams could see what the potential pipeline looks like, and plan accordingly.

Value Add
This could be used to help with forecasting (Both production & budget forecasting)

CC @sarah-dobsen


It would also be useful to be able to download leads, including projected value and closure dates as a .csv
That way we could see and manage it all in one place, also for the purpose of finance and planning.


A simple function to enable Account Managers to add dates and values to leads, resulting in a function capable of building pipelines and forecasts.

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Thanks for the great suggestion, Sam. I’ve merged your thread into an existing thread for essentially the same request. This will combine the votes too, so help move it up the list :+1:

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Great news everyone. Thank you for voting… This feature is now live :tada:

You can see the help guide and how to get started at:

We’re expecting to further improve this feature in the future and would welcome any feedback :+1:

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