Create deals for customers and leads to track expected future spend/volume

“Deals” allow you to tell Breww what you expect to sell in the future (as a simple spend/volume amount), track orders against this and make sure that if someone said they’d order something, you can chase them up for the promised orders.

Deals can be created in Breww to track arrangements with customers & leads. You can track a monetary or volumetric amount, or both.

You can easily access the “Deals dashboard” by navigating to SalesDeals. From the dashboard, you can see headline statistics at the top of the page, followed by a list of your own outstanding “Draft” and “Active” deals (although you can change the filters to show a different subset of deals if you prefer).

If a user account has the “View all dashboard sales data” permission level, they will be able to view the headline statistics for all deals as a whole, or any individual sales person’s deals. Users without this permission will only be able to see the headline statistics for their own deals.

When creating a deal, you can enter a start and end date for the deal as well as choose its status. As orders are placed during the deal period, you can track how the order values stack up against the deal. To aid with reporting and management, you can mark a deal as “Won” or “Lost” (as well as “Closed”).

Deals can also be tagged with your own customisable deal tags. This is a really useful way of categorising your deals and allows for easy filtering.

When viewing the main page for any Lead or Customer, you can see their outstanding and recently updated deals at a glance.


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The deals feature looks great. However we just set up a deal with a customer to take a certain volume each month. But it looks like the deal tracks the deal from the date payment is due whereas we want to track how much we’ve delivered to them this month. Is it possible to be able to toggle this so we have a choice how we want the deals to work?

Hi Matthew, thanks for your comment, and I’m glad that you like the look of this feature! You’re right; currently, this uses the Planned payment due date for the deal. I can see why having the ability to choose what is used here would be helpful, so if you could raise this as a feature request, that would be great! Cheers.

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