Undoing Racking

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Is there a way to unrack from small pack back into keg? We use the small pack option for our minikegs so that they auto assign because of the volume through website etc. I’ve just moved them over from being kegs to small pack but I need to put 2 back for orders already on the system so I can get them cleared and ensure stock levels are correct.

Hope that makes sense!

Hi Ben,

Firstly, the more topics on the community the better, so don’t worry about that!

There isn’t a way currently to undo a smallpack racking from a cask or keg, unfortunately. For this situation, I would recommend a quick stock adjustment for the old product that you need some additional of. So, Products > Find the product > Actions > Stock adjustment > Increase stock. Then you should be all good to assign those to any outstanding deliveries that need them.

By the way, I thought I should mention just in case you were unaware, that it is actually possible now to auto-assign non-returnable cask and keg products by going to Settings > Delivery settings > Auto-assign products tab > Auto assign non returnable casks and kegs. Setting mini kegs up as smallpack is a good idea, so I wouldn’t worry about those. But if you have non-returnable kegs and casks that you aren’t tracking via the barcodes and scanning them out using Breww’s scanning functionality, it will definitely help speed up delivery days.

Hope that helps, but any questions let us know!


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