Support for direct debit payments managed by Breww via Stripe

This feature request is for adding full support for direct debit payments within Breww, via Stripe.

This would allow for both trade store orders and non-trade store orders to be paid for via direct debit and would include Bacs, SEP, ACH & BECS, depending on the currency of your account.

We do plan to do GoCardless direct debit Integration too, but as we already have a Stripe integration, we expect to be implementing Stripe’s direct debit integration first.

If this is something that you would like to see, please give this a vote :+1:

For more information how this works from a flow point of view, please see Stripe’s guide.

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This is something that would be a massive benefit, we have many customers now who are asking for DD to be made available.
Please as soon as possible.

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Agreed! I upvoted. The fee is so much better than credit card fees too!

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