GoCardless direct debit Integration


I read a topic on Direct Debits on the Breww Store via GoCardless from a few months back but haven’t seen any updates recently. Do you have a rough idea of when this will be added in some form?

It would be great to have the option for a customer to register to GoCardless/Log In to a pre-existing account upon completing their basket.


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Thanks for the suggestion. I’m afraid we don’t have a timescale on this yet.

If anyone else would like to see this, please do give this thread a vote as that will help push this up the priority list :+1:

I am trying to understand this. So, does this mean there will be a link on the invoice for the customer to pay using their bank account information? Providing this to be a more cost effective way of taking payment?

Yes, in a way. The customer will be able to provide you with a “Direct debit mandate”. This will effectively authorise you to debit money from their bank account into yours on demand. This means that instead of the customer having to manually pay you each time they order, they set up the mandate once and you can charge them each time the order is placed. Typically payments take 3-7 days to arrive with you (unlike card payments which are must faster).

This thread is for this to be done via an integration with GoCardless. We also have Support for direct debit payments managed by Breww via Stripe for the same via Stripe, which we anticipate building before the GoCardless version. For more on the “flow” for providing the mandate and receiving payments, please see Stripe’s guide at Bank Debits | Stripe Documentation.