Stripe card payments integration is now live! - Trade store payments & refunds (and more coming soon)

Hello everyone,

The team are delighted to announce the release of the long-awaited Stripe integration for Trade Store payments :tada:

To take advantage of this integration, you will need a Stripe account. If you already have a Stripe account, then you can link Breww to this account (Stripe will create a new account linked to your main account - think of this as a sub-account). If you don’t, you can create a Stripe account in the Breww integration flow. Breww is launching this feature at no extra charge! Stripe do have their own card-processing fees, however, which you’ll have to pay, but they don’t charge you anything extra for orders via this integration, versus their other payment flows.

Setting up the integration is easy and can be done in about 5 minutes if you have a Stripe account already (if you don’t, I’d allow at least 15-20 mins).

To get started, head to IntegrationsPaymentsStripe.

Once you have enabled the Stripe integration, you can go to your Breww Trade Store settings and choose when to charge your customers, with the following options:

  • Accept all orders without online payment
  • Require online up-front payment always
  • Require online up-front payment if order would put customer over their credit limit

Plus the option of “Allow your customers to choose to pay online even if they don’t need to based upon the rule above”.

Based on your settings, your customers may be presented with some payment options during the checkout:

If they proceed to place an order and pay for it, you’ll see the order in Breww is immediately marked as paid and you can see basic information about the card used to pay for it. The user shown will be the name of the person logged into your Breww Trade Store and placing the order.

If a payment is returned to the customer’s balance, you’ll see this in their account (just as you would with all other payments), but you’ll also be able to see the card details.

If you choose to refund a “Breww managed” payment, then instead of the usual options of how you refunded, the date, etc, Breww will simply ask for an amount and will instruct Stripe to give your customer their money back. There’s no need for double-entry!

Screenshot 2022-06-16 at 15.01.08

In addition to all of this, if the customer places an order via your Breww Trade Store (or a payment link - coming soon), then their card will be securely stored by Stripe and you’ll be able to add extra charges to it (with the customer’s permission of course). This is ideal if your customer orders something via your Breww Trade Store, pays for it, and then calls up to add/change something that results in a larger order value.

We hope this feature is useful for you and helps you grow your business. We’re delighted with how this integration is working already and have more big plans to make it even better! We going to be working on these additions shortly:

  • Adding payment links to invoice emails
  • Direct debit payments via the Stripe integration (it’s card payments only at the moment)
  • In-person (terminal) payments
  • GoCardless direct debit payment

Please let us know how you get on and any feedback you have!

We’re over the moon to announce that the next part of our payment handling project is now live - Payment links!

You can now add a link in your invoice emails to send your customers to a page hosted by us, where they can see their invoice payment status, and pay what they owe online by card (if you enable payments).

You can customise how this is displayed in your invoice emails. If you’re using Breww’s standard template, it will look somewhat like below (and has been added in already), but if you’ve moved away from our standard template, you’ll need to add in the payment link yourself. (This is in SettingsEmail settings)

The page the customer goes to looks somewhat like the next screenshot. If you are using the Breww Trade Store, we’ll use your own brand colours, background image, etc. If not, we’ll make it look smart for you.

From the main invoice page in Breww, itself, you can also view (and copy) the link so you can easily send this to customers yourself if you’d like and preview how it looks for them (this is shown just below the payments section).

To use this, you’ll need to have enabled the Stripe integration (as above). Then you can customise which customers can pay you online from this page (at SettingsOrder/invoice settings) and which can only view the invoice page without the option to pay.

Wondering, how to confirm a customer is a direct debit customer? Edit the customer and tick the “Typically pays by Direct Debit” box!

How to include the link in your invoice emails

If you haven’t set your own email message template already, then this link will have been added for you by default. (If you haven’t enabled Stripe yet, your customers won’t be able to pay, but will be able to see the invoice and check its payment status.)

If you’ve modified your email template, you can follow the steps in the video below to add the link. You essentially need to create a link to a special “URL” of //INVOICE_URL// and Breww will substitute this code for the correct URL before sending the email. It’s absolutely vital that that code is entered exactly as above for it to work properly. It’s two forward slashes followed by INVOICE_URL and another two forward slashes. There must be no spaces, before, after, or in the middle of it.

We also include this payment link as standard in new Invoice payment due reminder emails, but if you ever need to add this to them where it has been removed, it can be done in exactly the same way, but Invoice payment due reminders are edited in SettingsOrder/invoice settingsInvoice due reminders.

We hope this proves useful and we’d love to hear your feedback on Breww’s payment links feature!


Luke - you have no idea how excited you have made me. Its super sad really, but this has literally improved my life! thanks to the team!


Thanks Ben, I’m delighted to hear it! I’ll pass on your comments to the rest of the team :pray:

(And, there’s nothing sad about getting excited about Breww, I do it every morning!)

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Awesome news guys, been waiting for this one. Going to be a huge time saver for us. Thanks

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Hiya, this is great so thanks for adding it! Can you confirm if the //INVOICE_URL// special link will work if we add it to automated invoice reminder e-mails?

It’s great to hear that our hard work on this is going down well, we really appreciate the comments :+1:

This didn’t work in the original release, but that was an oversight as it really should have been included :man_facepalming: I’m pleased to be able to say that we’ve released an update that will mean the special code //INVOICE_URL// will work in the automatic reminder emails too.


Hi there, we have received our first payment via Stripe, however it is not showing in our Stripe account - we had a notification from breww that the pro-forma invoice had been paid and I can see that is has in breww - but it is not showing in our stripe account… I see above that Stripe creates a sub-account when integrating with Breww - but I am wondering how I find this sub-account in our existing account!

Great to hear you’ve had your first payment via the Stripe integration, Kirsty :+1:

In the Stripe Dashboard, click on the name of your current Stripe account in the top-left corner, and you should be able to choose your other account from there.

If you can’t see the other account in Stripe, or you can find it, but can still not find the payment, please do let us know. Cheers!

Hey Luke! Still having some issues with this! We seem to only be able to add an account… as per this link:

Multiple accounts | Stripe Documentation

We are not sure how to ensure this will link with the account Breww has created for us! If you can offer us some more help it would be much appreciated!

Hey Kirsty. If you’re not seeing the account under that menu (and just a button to create another account), I suspect you don’t have permission to access it.

Presumably, it wasn’t you that set up the Breww integration? In which case, can you ask the person who did to check if they can see the other account in that list? If they can, they should be able to switch to that account, then go to Settings (the cog in the top-right) and Team, and invite you to access it.

If this doesn’t solve it, please can you open a support ticket so we can privately discuss the specifics? Cheers.

thanks Luke i will take a look!

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Is there any plan/way to integrate a stripe card machine to this. To take payments in the van or at the brewery in person? I believe this is an update to the API?


Yes, there is :smile:

Our integration with Stripe Terminal will use the “Sever-driven” integration option but this isn’t yet available in the UK, so building this is on hold until it is. It’s available in the US and Canada at the moment, and we’re expecting it to come to the UK soon, see Design an integration | Stripe Documentation

(We did ask Stripe a few months ago to be part of the UK trial, but we were not accepted).

When this is available, we’ll update our integration to allow you to take advantage of in-person card payments :+1:

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Ah brilliant thank you this would be useful for us too, fingers crossed it’s in the UK soon.

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Hi Luke,

Is there any update on this at the moment? I can see you can now buy the new card terminals but not sure if the software is available in the UK yet?


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It looks like Stripe now supports this in the UK (and many other countries), so that’s great news!

We haven’t yet built the Breww side of this integration, so I’d hold off on ordering a terminal yet (and only some terminals support the type of integration that we’ll be building). I’ve created Allow taking in-person credit/debit card payments using a Stripe Terminal, so if you can give this feature request a vote, that would be great.