Stock Labels - BBE Date and Logo


A couple of requests with regards to stock labels:

Would it be possible to add a logo to the stock labels (like with delivery labels)?

Can the placement of the BBE date be altered? Currently it sits with brewery name and phone number, which is a little odd, it would be better to be included with beer info i.e. under beer name, with gyle etc.

Thanks, Gemma.

Hi Gemma,

Thanks for getting in touch. Having your logo on gyle labels has been requested before and is already on our feature request list, I’ll add an additional vote on your behalf and update you here once we have some progress. I’ve also made a note of your suggesiton to move the BBE.



Hey guys

Any progress with this at all? We don’t use the labels that can be produced at the point of delivery and are currently using third party software to produce our labels (so we have just the one label, rather than two) and it’d be really great to use Breww for it instead.

Thanks, Gemma.

Hey Gemma,

I’m sorry, we’ve been busy with other features and haven’t had a chance to get to this yet. We have had a project finish this morning ahead of schedule, however, so we’ll see if we can make these changes this afternoon for you, before the next planned project starts. These changes shouldn’t take long, so I’ll let you know how we get on.



Hi Gemma

We managed to get this done for you today :tada:


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Hi Luke

That’s great, thank you. I think we’ve stumbled upon a problem though - we need to be able to print labels before racking is complete. We sticker containers before filling as once they are filled they are cold and condensation means labels won’t stick. Is there a way of printing labels before racking is complete? Could it be incorporated into a planned packaging?

Thanks, Gemma.

Hi Gemma,

If you go to Production > Actions > Racking by vessel, then there should be a “Print labels pre-packaging” button to allow you to print the labels in advance of actually racking.

This tool will only ever generate labels, it won’t save any changes to your batches, so you can generate the labels you need in advance and then use the normal racking process to tell Breww that the racking is complete.

I like the idea of incorporating this into the planned packagings, however, so I’ll add this request to the list.


Perfect! Sometimes it’s just knowing where to look :slight_smile:

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