Labels - BBE date print on/off according to container type & editable fields

We need to be able to spec per container type if a BBE date is printed or left blank on the stock label.
Also would need to be able to edit the labels to suit our branding or contract clients branding and requirements.

Racking label adjustments and/or custom fields for contract brews would be useful for us too. We have a number of contract brewing customers and it would be great if the racking labels could automatically say the customers name, rather than our own. Currently we have to go into the label settings and amend the brewery name printed on labels for each different racking.

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We’re exploring an idea for a quick-win here on stock label custom templates which might well mean we can have a good solution in place quickly. We’re hoping to allow simple editing of the labels on a per-container type basis, but there are some unknowns left in the proof of concept still, so hopefully, they’ll work out as we hope :crossed_fingers:

Jack, have you tried this setting in SettingsLabel settings as this might do exactly what you’re looking for?

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Thanks for the help Luke, I hadn’t seen that option, was it in a recent update? Looks like that’ll sort it for us so thanks for the heads up.

Hey Jack. Yes, this was only added in May this year. I think it slipped in without an announcement on by mistake, sorry :+1:

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