Show draft orders on customer page sales orders

Is it possible to show draft orders on the customer page - sales orders & credit notes tab, so you have a good overview of all (pending) orders

Currently it only shows invoiced and confirmerd, but we often have pre-orders in draft as they are a base for further orders. We risk putting preorders in double i

Thanks for the suggestion, Gijs.

In this tab, the “Unpaid orders” section only shows orders that are confirmed or invoiced. The thinking is that draft orders, may be unpaid, but it’s not really a concern at the moment. (This actually used to work differently, but was changed to be like this based on feedback from other customers.) In the table directly below this, named “All orders”, you will see all, including the draft orders.

Are you looking for the draft orders to also show in the “Unpaid orders”?

Wondering how I missed this. sorry for my oversight

No problem at all, thanks for confirming :grinning: