Shopify gift card processing in Xero

A couple of things that would make processing gift card sales and payments much easier:

  1. When we sell gift cards, we have to select an income account for the sale to be posted to. It would be really good if we could use a balance sheet nominal account in Xero for these sales as the outstanding balance on a gift card sits there until the customer spends it with us (we currently manually transfer these from an income account to a balance sheet account in Xero).

  2. When a customer spends on a gift card, they often pay some of the total amount via another method as well. However, the full invoice payment is posted to a single account in Xero. We then go into Shopify for each invoice and have to manually transfer part of the payment to the other relevant account for the card/paypal payment amount. We also transfer the gift card payment amount to a balance sheet account (as per point 1, that’s where the gift card balances sit in our ledger). It would be great if two different payment types could be posted automatically from Breww to Xero and also, if the gift card portion could be posted to the balance sheet.

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