Sell pricing and cost pricing?

My scenario goes like this.

  1. I’ve brewed a tank of beer.
  2. I’ve packaged some of it in to small pack to sell. I will package the kegs soon.
  3. I’ve racked it to 440ml cans in Breww.
  4. I want to price up and sell the cans.

What is the easiest way to see the cost price per can, preferably including beer duty and then
add a customer and set a sell price?


Hi Mike,

We have a “Cost report” button on batches for this, however, as you probably noticed, it works on the assumption that everything that’s going to be racked, has already been racked. If you’ve only racked your cans and the kegs will be done later, it won’t show what you are looking for as it assumes all ingredient costs for the batch are to be split over just these cans.

It should be a fairly simple change for us to add another section which does the same calculations, but on the assumption that all remaining beer in the batch will be racked later and none will be lost. We’ll look to get this added in soon for you. Duty isn’t included in this report yet (but is in a number of other reports), so we’ll see if we can get duty added here too.

Regarding selling the beer - if you go to the product section and edit the product, you can set your “standard” selling price. (Other selling prices can be set with “price books”, which can then be assigned to customers or individual invoices, for example if you wanted a different price for trade vs consumer pricing.) To sell the beer, create a customer and an order for them, confirm the order and complete the delivery/collection to have Breww calculate out the beer duty and add it to your duty return.

I hope that makes sense? We’ll update you on this thread when the new additions to the batch cost report are done.



Hi Mike,

We had a look at these proposed changes to the cost report this morning, and it turned out to be a very simple tweak, so we’ve made this change quickly this morning for you.

If you go to a batch of beer and click the “Cost report” button you’ll be able to see both versions (assuming remaining beer is lost, plus assuming remaining beer is racked), as well as the addition of beer duty.

I hope this helps, please let us know what you think :+1:


This is something very useful that I was thinking of too. Thanks!

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Hi Luke,
Awesome, looks good thanks!

Do those calculated costs include the price of the container it is racked in to?
In my instance a 440ml can.

So, just so I have this right.
" Costings assuming nothing else is racked"
440ml can £2.86 total

This would be the cost of each filled can (including container?) that I have racked, if I was to just dumped the remaining 300L or so?
If I had only racked a single can, this effectively would be the pretty much the entire cost of the produced beer?

“Costings assuming all remaining beer is racked”
So this is really my per can cost price (including can cost?)
Which is more or less what I was after, assuming I rack the rest to can or keg but don’t waste it.

I suppose to take this to the next level, you would have something under both these we could click on to see how the calculation was being done. Thats a luxury though!

Again, thanks for listening, hopefully others will find this useful too.

Hi Mike,

Yes those costs include any packaging items used during a racking of the container type, so if cans and boxes etc. were used it will include those costs.

And yep all that is correct! If all you have racked out of the batch is a single can then the entire cost of the batch would be attributed to that can, so the "Costings assuming all remaining beer is racked” is there to help provide a more realistic figure prior to the batch completing and those costs being fixed.

I think this is a really useful addition - thanks for the suggestion!



We send our beer off site to be bottled.

Is there a way to assign a contract bottling price against bottles in stock/produced, so this is added to the costings report?


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Hi Tim,

Sure, so what we currently recommend is to create a stock item called “Off-site bottling fee” (or something similar) which you can assign a value of £1.00 and then assign as many of those to the batch as is required to get up to the cost of the bottling.

It feels like a bit of a workaround (although it works perfectly well) so we are looking at some point to add a generic ability to simply assign a cost to a batch, where you simply specify a title and a value. But for now the stock item way should do exactly what’s needed.

Hope that helps!