Automatically add packaging costs for racking, or 3rd-party off-site packaging fees/charges

We co-package most of our beer and have a fixed cost/case that we pay for this service. I’d like to be able to have these costs auto assign to the batch once we’ve received it back from off-site packaging, with an option to modify this charge at the point of receiving back.

Thanks, Alex, I’m sure this could be done.

How would you like to enter the packaging costs to be auto-assigned (with of course the ability to adjust if required)?

  • Cost per Litre?
  • Cost per container (e.g. 100 bottles = 100 times the cost entered)?

I think you’re thinking of the “Cost per container”, would the cost per litre be a good option too (you could pick the method)? Would there be others too?

Would you envisage setting these on a container type, so Breww knows which cost to pull through as the default? Thanks.

Hi Luke,

When we ship the beer out it is measured in hL, multiples of 5 or 10 usually - so packaging costs could be assumed at this point, if needed (I’m not sure we do).

When we receive it back it is measured in whole cases of 24 bottles. If the bottle had a default packaging cost associated with the container then at the point of receiving back ‘500’ cases it would know 500 x 24 x cost per bottle, or adjusted at this point if needed (like adding in the transport costs associated just with that packaging, not the full batch if we had only sent of a part batch).


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We do something similar to this.

We calculate an average cost per case (including transport and all consumables) and apply that when we “receive from off-site packaging”.

The slightly tricky part is apportioning the costs when we have sent multiple batches.

It gets even trickier when we have to monitor which stock is held at the bottling plant (duty suspended until it’s dispatched - and the bottling company pay the duty on our behalf) and the stock at the brewery (still duty suspended and with a slightly higher cost value [we say] as we have paid to move it back to the brewery). But I have digressed a bit!

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Hi Lewis,

That’s’ really helpful, we’re in a very similar position to yourselves.

I’m hoping for a release where we can ‘hold’ stock at a 3rd party, in or out of duty, - Breww will know it exists, but not that it’s for sale.

We also do the same on the cost/value bit - it’s not necessarily any more valuable to a customer (unless the shipping is necessary to make the sale) (other wise we could keep shipping it back and forth!) but it certainly has cost us more!


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There isn’t currently a dedicated feature for applying packaging costs (such as bottling fees). We’re thinking of a feature where you could enter a cost and select a container type and whether this is for off-site or on-site packaging. This cost would then be automatically applied when a matching racking line is completed, allowing you to easily track packaging fees/costs. This cost could then be part of the product expected cost reports.
If you think this would be useful, please vote for the feature using the button above.

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Yes would be very useful to not have to manually work out for each batch


This sounds good, would this be similar to

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Thanks, Tim. Yes, there’s quite a bit of overlap here. Thanks for pointing this out. I’ll merge them together and ensure it’s clear that the feature needs to cover both on-site and off-site packagings/rackings :+1: