Question on packaging / 6 packs, 12 packs etc


We have 5 beer styles, all into the same bottle but with a unique label and crown per beer style. So 5 SKUs, sharing the bottle.

These bottles are sold individually as a single bottle, but also in 6 packs, in 4x6 packs in a shrink and tray, in 12 packs, and in 24 bottles in a shrink and tray. So a single container, going into 4 additional packaging formats. So 25 SKUs total over 5 beer styles and 5 packaging formats.

All of these multipacks can be disassembled back to the base bottle of beer, the base bottle can’t be disassembled into any individual crown/label/bottle components.

I’m struggling to get this set up.

I have a container which is the 350ml bottle, which includes a stock item of 1 bottle.

I have the beers set up.

When I create a 6 pack of Lager for example, I use the 350ml container type and it then knows that’s 6x bottles to make this 6 pack. I then need to add additional stock items of 6x Lager crowns, 6x Lager labels, and 1x fridge pack cardboard. Which boxes do I need to tick so that this finished 6 pack can be disassembled and end up back as 6 single bottles of Lager if needed?

Or do I need to create a specific container type for each of the 5 beer styles - which includes the shared bottle, but the unique to the style crown and label.

I can then create a multipack of this which imports 6 bottles, 6 Lager crowns, 6 lager labels, and then add a stock item of 1x 6pack card?


Hi Alex,

Thanks for the great question!
You won’t need to create a different container type for each beer style, as you can handle the style-specific stock items on the products themselves, as you mentioned.

Carrying on with your example of a 6 pack of Lager:

First, you’d want to set up your individual bottle generic container type, this would have 1 x generic bottle stock item assigned to it. By the sounds of it, you’ve already done this correctly.

Next, set up your 1 x 350ml Lager product. You’d want to assign 1 x Lager crown and 1 x Lager label directly to this. As you’d definitely want to use both of these stock items when you rack this product, tick Use when directly racked. The assembly and disassembly tick boxes don’t apply to single bottles as these can’t be assembled/disassembled, so you can ignore those here.

Next, set up your 6 x 350ml Lager product. After assigning the 6 x 350ml Lager containers to the product, Breww will know that this product uses 6 x 350ml bottle stock items as well, and will use these up when the product is racked, but won’t use extra or add back to stock when assembling/disassembling by default. To the Lager 6-pack product, you’d want to assign 6x Lager crowns, 6x Lager labels and 1x fridge pack cardboard. As you’ve added the crown and label to the single bottle, you won’t want to use extra if you assemble from the single bottle product, so untick the Use when assembled tick box. The same goes for the Return to stock when disassembled tick box. When/if the 6-pack product is racked directly, you’ll of course be wanting to use crowns and labels (as it won’t be going via the single product), so tick Use when directly racked for both of these stock items. As for the fridge pack, this will be used during direct racking, assembling and can be returned when disassembling, so you can tick all 3 boxes for this.

I hope this helps your understanding! Let me know if you have any further questions on this.