Single Pack to Multi Pack + Box/Crate Stock Item


I would like to be able to rack a beer into 330cl cans, which contains (lid, can, label, and date stamp) and we would like to keep that product as a precursor to a multi pack. In other words, we would like to take 24 x 330cl beer product, add a box/crate stock item, and have that be deducted from the main 330cl can stock, and moved over to the 24 x 330cl + box product. Is this possible? Or must each be separately racked to a single pack, or multi pack?


Hi Michael, thanks for your comment! Yes, you can do this in Breww! You can rack your stock as the individual single beer component, and then have your settings set to automatically assemble/disassemble into multipacks/mixpacks that uses a box when assigning stock to an order, as well as manually assemble/disassemble products. Our How to assemble or disassemble products help article should help guide you through how this works in Breww in more detail. For more on how you can assign your box/crate so that it is used when assmebling your multipack I also recommend having a look at our Assigning stock items to Products or Container types help guide. If you have any more questions on this, then let me know. Cheers!