First time Set-up Questions part 1

Hiya all,

can anyone advise if it’s possible and if so where I go to amend the options on the drop down lists for:

  1. Vessel type
  2. Ingredient Type
    If not does it matter for the production features that a tank is set up as a fermenter but is also used as a brite tank etc? Does it matter for things like HGNS (alcohol) and adjuncts/preservative etc that are added to non beers we can that they don’t have their own ingredient sub type i.e preservative/adjunct etc?

When setting up container types do people just put 330ml can and then find features down the road that list the colour when ordering or during production(usage) or would I set up 330ml can black, 330ml can silver etc etc

Cheers for any pointers.

Hey Claire,

I’m afraid neither of these things are currently editable. However, they are more for reference and won’t actually impact anything significant.

Regarding ingredient sub-type, instead of selecting ‘Ingredient’, if you select ‘Other’, you can actually create your own ‘Other’ sub-types, so this may be useful for you. To do this, go to Inventory > Tools & options > Other stock item sub-types. We have an open feature request for Allow for custom ingredient sub-types - if you’d like to see this added, please can you vote for that request.

As for container types, if you want to keep a separate stock of different coloured cans, I’d definitely suggest creating a different container type for them. Otherwise, you’ll find it tricky to keep track of stock later down the line. One thing that’s worth mentioning is that if you (or plan to) use the Breww Trade Store, you’ll want to add a more generic name override for this, as the colour of the can probably isn’t relevant to your customers.

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Thanks for the response Matt.
Another follow on question then please as I’m sorry I still don’t understand how Breww manages the stock through to sales from inventory usage to products and where I have the options to edit variations/components.

In this example how would I set-up the products AND accurately manage inventory…
In real life we aren’t always able to source the same base colour can which is fine for most brands as they can be interchanged however we need to keep separate inventory stock of each colour as some contract clients require a specific colour can. When I make the packaged product to sell I only want one variation for the sale team not a product per base can colour. If I set container types colour specific as advised above I need to pick a specific colour on the packaged product set-up. Do I make x3 of the packaged product i.e black, white or silver and in which case can I give them all the same product codes for sales purposes and total stock shows as 1 figure… or do I eliminate the colour at this point and is there a feature when I’m assembling/producing the multipack etc that I can change which colour component was used for that batch?

This extrapolates out to other component items too, so any advice or examples would help my understanding to get the set-up right.

Thank you

Products in Breww are created from component stock items (can, can lid, label etc) and component packaged beer (Beer + container type, Belgian Blonde - 330ml, for example). Component stock items can be set directly on products. Alternatively, they can be set on container types, which will automatically default them to be used on products that use that container type.

When you rack a product, Breww will try to use the stock items applied to the product, but if it can’t, it will alert you with the error message shown below. Either way, you have the option to use a different colour can at the point of racking, as shown in the same screenshot below. The chosen stock item will then be depleted when the product is racked.

What you won’t be able to do is convert between different colour stock items used, once the products are racked and finalised. There are some workarounds, but hopefully won’t be needed if the right can is selected during racking!

So to summarise, create three separate stock items for each can colour. Then, create three separate container types for each colour can. Then, for each product, create just one product with your normal used colour. This should automatically assign the correct can colour as the default one used. When the products are racked, keep the default that’s automatically selected on the page in the screenshot above. If there’s none in stock, select a different can colour.

I hope this answers everything, but let me know if I can help further!

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