Say hello to the Breww Trade Store

Dear Brewwers,

We’re delighted to announce the launch of our long-awaited trade store platform. It’s fully integrated into Breww and allows you to run a private e-commerce store for your trade customers. It’s tightly coupled with Breww’s brewery management software so takes full advantage of customer management, credit limits, customer-specific-pricing, and everything else the Breww has to offer.

The Breww Trade Store is an addon feature and charged at a simple 1% of the total value of all orders placed via the platform. There’s no monthly fees, minimums, hidden or complicated charges.

You have full control over the branding of your store, including the logo, colours, fonts, etc. Take a look at our features page for more information on what the Breww Trade Store offers.

As access to your trade store is by invite/request only, you can enable it on your Breww account today, have a play with the branding options, invite yourself and explore without spending a penny or worrying about customers seeing it until you’re ready.

We’re going to be adding the ability to link your Stripe account to Breww and accept card payments online shortly.

Here’s a few screenshots to whet your appetite:

Examples of branding and the live preview you’ll see of your own style:

The “request access” page (this is where you’d link to from the “Trade” button on your own website):

Collect valuable information from potential new customers:

Review your outstanding access requests in Breww:

Manage access requests, approve by linking to a new or existing customer, or reject them:

Alternatively you can invite existing customers without needing them to “request” access:

Once a customer has access, they can browse your products:

Make sure to upload good photos:

Your own choice of stock display options and back-order rules will apply:

You can also view the customer’s basket from within their account in Breww:

Customers can view their basket and checkout in 2 clicks (using their default delivery address, etc):

Your customers can view their order history:

What do you think?
We’d love to hear your initial feedback and suggestions of how we can further improve the Breww Trade Store (and of course the wider Breww platform). Please reply below with your thoughts, comments and ideas.


Luke and the Breww team :beer:

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yeaaah! top work guys!

If I already have a customer that wishes to use this service and I ‘invite’ them will they gain access and not have to fill out data entry?

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Hi Daniel - thanks!

We’re excited to launch it and looking forward to adding more functionality as we go!

Yes that’s right - when they receive the invite it will have a link to your store, which will take them to a sign-up screen. If they don’t have an account the store will just ask for their name, email and password, but they can also use their Gmail, Facebook or Xero account for quick two-click account creation (we’re also looking to add Untapped to that list). And then they’re in! They’ll have no need to add a delivery / billing address as we’ll take that straight from your customer record.

Good work and looking forward to having the payment terms added. Couple of other bits of feedback. The first is around mother brew’s and the variations. (dry hopped, beers with additions). The store only show’s the mother image and does now set up images for the different varients.

Back ordering - have the ability to pick and choose what can be back ordered. i.e. small pack racked from cask/keg? But not the cask or keg.

We have beers contract brewed duty paid, these show up as guest when we want them to show as own beers.

The last thing is to have the option to have a image per SKU rather than just brand. See the difference between a PolyKeg and a s steel keg as an example to avoid any confusion.

With regards to customers who have head office pricing, that we don’t want the outlet to see? Can you still use this as an ordering tool (no pricing visible to certain customers) i.e. Local Pub Groups?