Breww Trade Store - online card payments

We’re delighted to have launched our Breww Trade Store (see announcement) and have one significant feature which didn’t make the cut for the initial release - accepting card payments online.

Below is what we’re proposing to build. We’d love to hear your feedback on this proposal and if you’d be interested in this feature (or not - in which case we’ll spend our time on other features :wink:).

At the moment, in your trade store settings you’ll see a Payment requirement setting, with just one option of Accept all orders without online payment. We’re planning on adding 2 extra options:

  • Require online up-front payment always
  • Require online up-front payment if order would put customer over their credit limit (with no credit limit set up for a customer, this would always require a card payment)

The next part of the puzzle is how to accept the card payment. We’re at the moment planning to build a Stripe integration to let them handle securely processing the card data and settling the payments directly to you. You’d need a Stripe account (at time of writing, they charge as standard 1.4% + 20p for European cards charged in GBP, see here). Note, however that the Stripe fees would be between you the Stripe to agree/negotiate on. Breww will just facilitate the payment process for your customers.

We’re also happy to consider other payment services, but Stripe’s fees are fair, and they’re a trusted partner of ours already (we use Stripe for our own billing).

So, what do you think?

  • Would you be interested in taking card payments on your Breww Trade Store?
  • Would the options above (as to when to charge by card) work for your business?
  • Would Stripe work for you, or would you like other providers?

Please reply to this thread and let us know what you think!

We use both Stripe and Paypal on our webstore and both are good. enabling the customer to order via apple pay and andoid pay is important to us. We however, prior to knowing you were doing the trade store have been working on adding a trade page to our woocommerce site. The only other consideration is to also give payment terms on a direct debit facility such as GoCardless.

Thanks Richard,

Adding PayPal as well as Stripe might be an option too, we’ll look into how best to implement this. We might be able to implement Stripe in such a way that you can take card payments over the phone for non-trade store orders too (but this wouldn’t really make sense for PayPal).

The GoCardless idea could work really well too. Would you be looking for something where your customer would set the direct debit agreement up online during the checkout process or would this be something you’d get set up with them prior to granting trade store access - then they purchase against their account and then Breww could submit payment requests to GoCardless for all invoices on this account, regardless of if the invoice was raised via the trade store or manually entered by one of your team?


I would give them the option on registration personally. Not sure what other payment terms other brewers use but I would have it where they choose from a selection set by the brewer. i.e. 1. Payment via credit or debit card at check out = stripe or choose paypal. 2. X days credit via GoCardless 3. POD 4. BACS’s?

GoCardless will then take the payment for individual invoices to the payment terms agreed. Rather than for bulk invoices.

We would be only choosing 2 options and would want to have a T&C’s section where we can upload specific T&C’s to our business.

We take payments over the phone using Paypal or Stripe. We either log onto the customer account and process it that way. Or use a paypal/iZettle card reader.

The other benefit to having paypal is that individuals can apply for paypal credit. This gives them 0% credit for 4 months on orders over £99.

Hope that helps.

Thanks Richard :grinning:

This is really helpful feedback and I hadn’t thought about the win-win of PayPal credit over 4 months! We’ll aim to add PayPal and Stripe as instant online payment platforms, and GoCardless for direct debit payments taken on invoice due date.

The T&Cs for them to agree too is a great suggestion too. I’ll get this added into the roadmap for the next iteration of trade store improvements.

We’ll post back here when we have a progress update, or if any questions come up during the detailed planning stage. Thanks again for all your useful suggestions!


Sorry for the radio silence on this! We’ve had a busy few months (as I’m sure you have too), and have just completed the first round of trade store related updates. Today we’ve gone live with the following improvements to the trade store:

  • Specify your own Terms & Conditions for orders placed via your Breww Trade Store. Your customers will be required to accept these conditions before placing an order.
  • There’s now an option to show a warning to customers on the Breww Trade Store if they are over their credit limit, or their basket contents will take them over it.
  • Do you sell to pub chains where the group has pricing that they’d like hidden from the individual pubs? If so, you can enable a new option (for a subset of customers only) to hide their pricing on the Breww Trade Store, but still let them place orders.

Next up for the trade store is full support for aliased beers (currently they show as their base beer) and hot on that’s heels will be the first iteration of online payments via Stripe.

We’ll keep you in the loop here on the progress.

Hi all, just adding something semi related to online card payments. it would be great if we could get a ‘pay now’ button added to the invoices sent through Breww. Now that we’ve switched to invoicing from Breww, some of our customers are missing the easy payment link that Xero offered on all the invoice emails sent. Ideally a Paypal payment button/link as well as a card payment one hosted by Stripe would be ideal. We just like to make it as easy as possible for our customers to pay. We wouldn’t want to use the Breww trade store as are already using Sellar for our B2B store.

If it’s of interest our accountant has just sent us a link to a new payment service with zero fees which looks great and integrates with Xero. It seems as if though it just opens up your mobile/online banking using an encrypted API and automatically filling out the invoice number and amount. Would be great if this is something that could be added into Breww invoicing.


Hi Jack,

Thanks for the suggestion.
We have plans to integrate with stripe quite soon, and we’ll add a link to pay the invoice like you’ve suggested.
We’ll also look into Crezco, and let you know what we think.


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Hi Matt,

Do you have any updates on the Stripe integration?



Work on this feature did start a while ago, but for a number of reasons it stalled. We are currently expecting to pick this back up shortly and for it to be ready within the next 2-3 months, but it’s a significant task so I can’t guarantee this will be done by then.

Don’t worry though, it’s not been forgotten :+1:

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We use stripe as part of our accounting software and we find it to be a great way for customers to pay invoices, so to have it as part of the portal would be amazing, could this also be used on invoices as a pay now button?

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Hi Luke, Any update on a stripe / Go Cardless integration?
Also will stripe only be in the trade store or will customers be able to pay invoices via payment links?

Hey Shaz, Stripe is tantalisingly close!

We’re expecting to have credit/debit card trade store payments via Stripe launched by the end of the week, but I cannot guarantee this as sometimes there are unexpected last-minute hurdles on significant projects like this.

Invoice payment links is expected to follow very closely behind, and support for direct debits will come after that. We expect to add support for direct debits via both Stripe and GoCardless.

Keep an eye on this thread for updates!

Aaannnnddddd :drum: :drum: :drum: we have the initial Stripe release ready for you to benefit from :tada:

Find out more at: