Prevent overselling of stock setting on a per-product basis

We are finding our limited and seasonal releases are overselling often - is it possible to add a feature that stops the available stock going below zero? If this could be the default, and we can select to “allow backorder” for core products or pre-sales, that would be really useful.

A push-notification or automated email notifying the sales team that an item has sold out would also be a good feature.



Thanks for the suggestion, Sam.

There is a Breww-wide setting for this already, which you might find useful to enable (if you haven’t got it enabled already). This will affect all products though, not just some products. You can find this in SettingsOrder/invoice settings.

Do you need more fine-grain control of this on a per-product basis? If so, we can keep this feature request open for that feature :+1:

We were discussing this idea at Brewers Congress last week. I propose that we keep the current Breww-wide setting as mentioned above, but in addition, allow you to choose from the following options on a per-product basis:

  • Use account default setting of “Prevent over-selling of stock” [this would be the default]
  • Always prevent over-selling of stock
  • Always allow over-selling of stock